Wega MiniNova Classic EMA 2 Group

Wega MiniNova Classic EMA 2 Group

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The Mininova is a semi-automatic, mechanical, lever operated espresso coffee machine. This machine features the retro’ style classic fittings. Single, fully exposed group head set at the standard 82 mm height (drop from spout tip to lower grid). One polished steam wand and one manual hot water tap with retro’ style knobs. Auto level standard.



  • Standard colours: chrome
  • Semi automatic group lever
  • One chromed steam wand
  • One manual hot water tap
  • Water auto fill
  • 4L tank + mains connection

    The Tech: 
  • Dimensions: 535Hmm x 445Dmm x 590Wmm
  • Weight: 46 kilograms
  • Boiler: 7 Litres, 2700Watts
  • Power: 240V, 15Amps
  • Standard: 88mm